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Baladna's Annual Activities Report 2014-2015
11/08/2015 - 18:27
We are pleased to be able to announce the release of Baladna's Annual Activities Report 2014-2015.
Over the past year more than 6720 youth have participated in our range of projects, while our videos, online pages and social media have reached over 250,000 youth, ensuring Baladna remains the leading independent youth organisation among Palestinian youth in Israel, and well-positioned to face the challenges of tomorrow head on. 
During the past year Baladna has also been working with partners in the West Bank and Gaza to counter the fragmentation of our youth's Palestinian identity, while the "Our Return" project has seen youth returning to and reviving their ancestral villages destroyed in the Nakba, ensuring that the villages continue to shape and play a part in our Palestinian identity as they have done for centuries.
Meanwhile Baladna has shown that it is not afraid to tackle sensitive or controversial subjects, and our projects targeting sectarianism, the killing of women, and military and civic conscription of our youth have triggered some of the biggest, and most supportive, public reactions. 
To discover more about our work over the past year, please find enclosed a copy of our Annual Activities Report; we hope that it may serve as a source of both interest and inspiration for those working in the field or those wishing to know more. 
Finally we thank all of you for your continuing interest and support of our work, and we would be happy to respond to any questions about our range of activities. 
Baladnas Annual Activities Report 2014-2015