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Identity Project
10/09/2020 - 14:24

Aim of the Project: To enable Arab Palestinian youth to explore their identities, including the historical and political processes shaping them, as an integral process for their empowerment as leaders



  • Developing board games that address a range of topics relating to Palestinian identity, including social solidarity, the blockade on Gaza, and freedom of movement
  • Developing and disseminating acritical understanding of history to serve as an alternative to civics and history curriculums in Arab schools in Israel
  • ‘Tijual’ (roaming) hiking tours during which youth participants explore Palestinian towns and neighborhoods while learning about their history, geography, and social life as a way to develop a sense of belonging and societal cohesion



  • 900 tenth-grade students from ten localities have participated in board game workshops
  • 20 educators are equipped with resources to skills to present Palestinian and Arab history and promote critical engagement among their students
  • 2,000 high school students have been exposed to alternative resources and information to study history from a critical lens
  • 20 youth leaders are empowered to lead tours of their own villages and towns
  • 12 youth groups in 6 localities (360 youth) have participated in hiking tours and developed a better understanding of the history, geography, and social life of their communities